Vilà Clara Ceramistes produces handcrafted ceramics, using the traditional techniques of La Bisbal d’Empordà. The ceramics are made from high quality red clay that is indigenous to the area. The whole production process is carried out by hand, from the creation of the piece to its decoration, which is performed manually, one piece at a time.

The colour treatment and painstaking production process are highly important for the end product’s finish. Company research has developed new techniques, which have led to an outstanding array of own colours and glazes, which are applied to the decoration and finish of the ceramic pieces.

All pieces, once finished, are signed individually before being put into the kiln. The ceramic is then baked at a temperature of 990ºC before being glazed and returned to the kiln where it is baked again at 1030ºC for an extended period of time. This process is what characterises the end finish of Vilà Clara ceramics.